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Our company understands the needs of ship owners and consultants them to optimize operations to reduce costs. We offer a professional service agent for bulk carriers, cargo in bags, rollling steels, billet steels and general cargo.


Arrange shipping agent services involved in the provinces: 


  • Dongnai province: Ports including: Dong nai, Godau A, B, Long thanh, Vedan.
  • Baria-Vungtau province: Ports including: BariaSerece (Phumy port), Interflour, SP-PSA, Southern Steel, SITV, PTSC Phu My, PTSC Downstream, Vungtau Commercial Port, Ha Loc, …
  • Some of other provinces such as: Binh thuan, Khanh hoa (Nha trang), Phu Yen, Binh Dinh (Quy Nhon port), Quang Ngai (Dung Quat port), Da Nang, Ha Tinh (Vung Ang), Thanh Hoa, Nghe tinh, Hai phong, Quang ninh,…       



Details of shipping agency services that we can offer to customers: 


  • Notification of the status of canals, piers, boat capacity release, expected cost to the port before the ship entrusted to
  • Arrange procedures for ships in port, arranging pilotage, wharfage, layout stevedoring operations, handled the situation arising with stakeholders and local authorities.
  • Arrange fresh water supply services, spare parts, sea charts and navigation publications, marine inspection, ship repair with affordable, competitive.
  • Reporting to leave the ship, port charges settlement, income documents and payment of fees as authorized by the trustee.
  • The chartering brokerage and advisory information
  • Arrange for passports, visas, health services, and changes repatriation, the protective services agency owners other benefits.To settle maritime disputes, salvage arrange and participate in handling marine accidents







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