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HOLAM SHIPPING AGENCY CO., LTD would like to introduce to you the customers is the owners, operators and ship chartering company greetings


HOLAM SHIPPING AGENCY CO., LTD (abbreviated as HOLASA) grown rapidly since its inception, we have kept pace with our customers, working together to provide solutions to customers reasonable shipping , saving, fast and safe. Meeting all freight needs: raw materials, machinery, container, chemical products, ... and the specific requirements of customs procedures. The same team of young, enthusiastic, experienced and committed to helping us ensure full service to our customers with the highest confidence.   


With the rapid development in recent years, HOLASA is known as one of the dynamic company, active in the field of maritime services. The company had considered the need to improve the quality of services to meet the increasing requirements of our customers ..


The company has set up joint ventures and maintain close relationships with other businesses and thereby, together with marine fleet created a transport-system services and synchronization closed. Through the relationship of the foreign partner in the international freight market, combined with investment in innovative equipment and technology as well as executives, managers, venture companies have viable business result, building a reputation for domestic and foreign customers and contributed to the expansion of the business market companies to the region.   


In the future, the company policy to focus on improving the quality and efficiency of investment in the field of international transport, and continues to attract direct investment abroad on the principle of priority for the large effect on technological capability and market to expand business scope of the company's international market. Besides, the company will continue to expand overseas markets through the establishment of a new joint venture or invest abroad to set up an information hub, logistics services and its in a some major maritime hub in the region, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, ...


As a young business, the company has determined that participation in professional associations and industry organizations of national and international plays a very important role in improving the status, reputation and ability of integration companies. The company is also actively involved in the activities of the Vietnam Seaports Association (VPA), Freight Forwarders Association of Vietnam (VIFFAS). As an active member of the Association. Every year, companies are constantly sending more officers to training and re-training at the training center and is co-organized, promoted the organization of training courses in Vietnam to train faster, more professional staff. Therefore, the level of employees in the company, especially of the young officers and employees increasingly consolidated and enhanced.         


       We are committed to quality service and the actual result will be a solid basis for the trust and long-term cooperation, actively helping customers in the manufacturing and trading.



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